Foxy Graphic Tee
Foxy Graphic Tee

Foxy Graphic Tee

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Two Andean fox friends adorn the front of this cotton long-sleeve graphic tee. This Tee would look so adorable with the Denim Like Adventure Pant and the Ruche by Livie and Luca.

  • The Ruche by Livie & Luca is available at Sikes Children Shoes 
  • Original fox graphic
  • Classic crew-neck
  • 100% cotton jersey
  • Machine wash
  • Imported
Andean Fox Facts: 

Foxes are the smallest members of the dog family Canidae. There are 27 species of fox. They are swift and agile runners, and live in family groups. A female fox is called a vixen, and the male is called a dog.

Foxes' tails are multi-purpose organs. Their bushy tail helps them keep warm while they are sleeping in cold weather. It is also part of the animal's food store for wintertime. Foxes' plump bushy tail is easily seen, and is used for sending signals to its family members. The tail is also used for balance while running.