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Printed Layered Sleeve Tee
Printed Layered Sleeve Tee

Printed Layered Sleeve Tee

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The green iguana is native to South and Central America tropical climates. This layered long sleeve cotton tee features lots of those lizards. The Printed tee would look cool with the Lined Ripstop Endurance Jogger and the Grey Speed by Tsukihoshi or the Grey 888 by New Balance.

  • The Grey Speed by Tsukihoshi and the Grey 888 by New Balance are both located at Sikes Children Shoes
  • Layered sleeve styling
  • Original all over print
  • 100% cotton jersey
  • Machine wash
  • Imported

Iguana Facts:

  • Iguanas use their tails to hit their enemies. When they are in danger and need to escape, they separate their tails from their body.
  • Iguanas have very sharp vision. They can see colors, shapes, shadows, and movements, even at a very far distance. This is an advantage for them in moving through crowded forests and when looking for food.
  • Iguanas use visual signals when communicating with other iguanas.
  • Iguanas have the ability to camouflage themselves and this protects them from predators.
To learn more about the iguana go to