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Floafers Prodigy Driver Sandal

Floafers Prodigy Driver Sandal

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Floafers is modernizing the molded footwear space with a collection of casual looks for men, women and kids that are fun and functional. We’ve taken the iconic loafer silhouette and interpreted it in lightweight foam that’s comfortable and easy to wear.

  • The built-in arch support and massage pods are sure to keep you light on your feel all day long! 
  • Avoid slipping on wet surfaces with maximum points of contact and a water-wicking platform! 
  • Protect your shoes from odor and stain-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew.
  • Odor-Resistant, easy to clean, and quick to dry. 
  • Welcome to our Never scuff your boat, board, or kitchen floor while retaining utmost traction.
  • 360-Degree Ventilation: Feel the breeze with increased airflow and breathability to keep feet cool and drain water and debris quickly!
  • Convenient Utility Hole: Easily attach your Floafers to your backpack when needed!
  • Waterproof! And They Float!: Never worry about your Floafers sinking to the bottom, as our waterproof foam allows them to float on water.
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